Research visit grants

ESHMS Research visit grant

ESHMS offers two research visit grants per calendar year for scholars who are planning a research visit abroad. We are now accepting applications for visits in 2019. The closing date for applications is October 1, 2018.

What can be applied for?

Up to 750 Euros to contribute to the travel and accommodation costs of research visits abroad that will enlarge international collaboration in the field of health and medical sociology. The grant cannot cover additional expenses, such as local transportation, food or insurance.

Who is eligible?

♦ The applicant is a member of ESHMS
♦ The applicant has not previously received an ESHMS research visit grant
♦ The applicant is planning a research visit abroad to take place in the year 2019. For visits that span two calendar years, the candidate should apply for a grant for the year in which the majority of the visit occurs.

How to apply?

Applications should be submitted before October 1, 2018 to They must consist of the following documents:

♦ A 1-page research proposal, including (a) name and institute of the collaboration partner that will host the applicant; (b) an explanation for the reason of the visit, (c) an abstract of the proposed research including work plan and expected outcome.
♦ A proof of acceptance of the collaboration partner
♦ A CV of the applicant (maximum 2 pages)
♦ A budget with estimated travel and accommodation costs as well as the amount requested from ESHMS (maximum 750 Euros)

Selection criteria

Research proposals will be assessed with respect to:

a. Quality
b. Feasibility
c. Relevance to health and medical sociology

Among the proposals that meet the selection criteria, priority will be given to young scholars, that is graduate students or scholars who defended their PhD thesis not longer than 8 years prior to the application deadline (extension rules for maternity, paternity and long-term illness apply)1.

Proposals will be assessed by the Extended Executive Committee of ESHMS. Decisions on grants will be made before November 1, 2018.


Applicants who have been awarded the ESHMS research visit grant can ask for an advance payment. Payments become final after the visit based on submission of valid receipts and a brief

report (400 words) about the researcher’s experiences and results from the research visit; this brief report will be published on the ESHMS website.


1 Extensions will be granted in the following properly documented circumstances:

♦ For maternity: 18 months per child born before or after the PhD award. If the actual leave was longer, the extension will equal the documented amount of leave actually taken for each child.
♦ For paternity: the documented amount of paternity leave actually taken for each child born before or after the PhD award.
♦ For long-term illness (over 90 days for the applicant or a close family member; i.e. child, spouse, parent or sibling): the documented amount of leave actually taken for each incident which occurred after the PhD award.


Ellen Verbakel

Address: Department of Sociology, Radboud University Nijmegen