15th biennal congress of the ESHMS

Health and Welfare Challenges in Europe: East, West, North and South

Date: from Thursday 28 August 2014 to Saturday 30 August 2014

Location: Helsinki

Europe is facing challenges that will have a huge burden on health of the population and on our welfare systems. Demographic change affects profoundly many aspects of European societies, the consequences of which are emerging in functional ability and quality of life. Economic austerity is reflected both in personal lives of citizens as well as the social, political and cultural determinants of health. On the face of these trends, the 2014 congress of the ESHMS meets to discuss, analyze and compare the social transformations affecting the health and subjective wellbeing of men and women, the young and the old in general and of vulnerable population groups more specifically.

The congress will provide a forum for presentation of sociologically informed research and for discussions regarding the social embeddedness of health and subjective wellbeing. Topics can range from conceptualizing wellbeing or mental health, to exploring related concepts- such as burnout. Also the organization of health services; deinstitutionalization and rehabilitation; the stigma of mental illness; health promotion; wellbeing at work, as well as health-related lifestyles fit the scope of the conference. We want also to contribute to theoretical, qualitative and quantitative approaches to sociology of health and medicine as well as the development of comparative research.

In addition to these topics, which are the focus of the 2014 conference, we invite scholars to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations on all health-related sociological and social epidemiological topics of interest. Proposals for sessions are also welcomed.

Further information and call for abstracts (deadline Feb 28th 2014) available at:



Also, a pre-conference workshop for PhD-students will be held on Ethics and methodological pitfalls in health research.


Conference details

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