The 13th biennal congress of the ESHMS

Health and Well-Being in Radically Changing Societies

Date: from Thursday 26 August 2010 to Saturday 28 August 2010

Location: Ghent University, Belgium

There has been a significant heightening of the importance of the issues of mental health and wellbeing in Europe and elsewhere. In all advanced economies, mental health conditions are expected in the near future to be the most important determinants of the quality of life of those directly or indirectly involved. To better understand both personal and societal consequences, the 2010 congress of the ESHMS focuses on the social and cultural conditions affecting the health and subjective wellbeing of the population in general and of vulnerable minorities more specifically. The present financial and economic crisis; the opportunities and pitfalls of the transition to market economies in former communist countries; changes in the gendered division of care and employment are but some of the relevant societal transformations.

The congress will provide a forum for presentation of sociologically informed research and for discussions regarding the social embeddedness of health and subjective wellbeing. from conceptualizing wellbeing or mental health, to exploring related concepts alienation. Other topics within the scope of the conference include also the organization of mental health services; deinstitutionalization and rehabilitation; the stigma of mental illness; the role of therapists in society; and the Western focus on the self as a pillar of mental health and wellbeing.

In addition to these topics, which are the focus of the 2010 conference, we invite scholars to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations on all health topics of interest. Proposals for sessions are also welcomed.

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Dept. of Sociology
Ghent University
Korte Meer 5
9000 Gent, Belgium

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