Stephane Cullati (President)

Stephane Cullati

Title: Senior Lecturer
Organization: University of Fribourg

Research Interests

Stéphane Cullati research topics are health inequalities and life course epidemiology. Empirical researches he made were about the impact of public policies on health inequalities, the evolution (historical time trend) of social inequalities in health and in cancer screening. He also conducted theoretical developments in life course and healthy aging researches, on the role of reserves in the development of vulnerability. He directed several projects of research (e.g., LIFETRAIL).

Stéphane research topics are quality and security of health care, health of healthcare professional, interprofessional collaboration and sociology of medical professions. Empirical researches he made were about the role of emotion (related to providing patient care) on the mental health of healthcare professionals. He also studied the role of professional identity in teamwork collaboration, and patient satisfaction with care.

Research Experience

Stéphane Cullati is health sociologist and Senior Lecturer in epidemiology and public health. He received under- and post-graduate training at the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland) and Grenoble (France) and completed his PhD in health sociology from the University of Geneva. He published over 80 articles, book chapters, and books in collaboration with scholars across Europe and worldwide.

Stéphane is also medical sociologist working as senior researcher at the University Hospitals of Geneva since 2007.


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