Sakari Karvonen

Sakari Karvonen

Title: Professor
Organization: National Institute for Health and Welfare (Finland)

Research Interests

Main research interests are in regional and area differences in welfare and well-being as well as youth studies. Currrently, he is leading a research consortium focusing on accumulation of social deprivation among young people.

Research Experience

He is Docent of Medical Sociology at the University of Helsinki. He was co-ordinator at THL of EU-Joint Action Reducing Health Inequalities (Equity Action, 2011-2014), member of Expert Working Group on Social Systems and Welfare (the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) ’More Years, Better Lives’) (2013-14) and co-ordinator of WHO Collaborating Centre for Social Determinants in Health (2011-215). Currently he is chairing Research Programme on Societal Inequality of the National Consortium of Research Institutes in the Field Social and Health Research.


He has published more than one hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles and around 80 other scientific publications, including an edited a text book on sociology of health and illness in Finnish.